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The Here-When-You-Need-It Home Equity Line of Credit

Your ambitions are important—and when the time comes to make them a reality, Mutual Bank wants to be your go-to.

With an experienced team that is just as local as you, Mutual Bank understands your unique needs and is here for you to provide solutions. That’s where a home equity line of credit (HELOC) comes in.


So what do you get out of a HELOC?

  • Today's low rates
  • Accessible funds whenever you need them
  • Interest only on the amount you use
  • A simple and convenient process
  • Quicker accomplishment of your goals

Call 866-986-9226 to speak with a loan specialist, or ask a question below. 

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Ready to apply? Start saving today with rates starting as low as 4.25% APR*.

Apply Now

Accomplish Your Goals with Peace of Mind

Draw Only The Exact Amount You Need

The Funds Are There When You Need Them

Only Pay Interest On What You Actually Use

Mutual Bank Will Be There For You At Every Step


*Products are available for owner-occupied 1-4 family residential properties and 1-2 unit second homes. Annual percentage rate (APR) cannot exceed 18%. Minimum line is $10,000 and maximum line is $500,000. Homeowners’ insurance is required and flood insurance may be required. First liens: If the Bank takes a first lien, payments will not include taxes and insurance, so your actual payment obligation will be greater. If the property is in trust, the Bank will charge you $250 for our Attorney's review of your trust prior to closing, and you may be required to pay a recording fee at closing, generally between $76 and $78, to the Registry of Deeds for the recording of the Trustee Certificate. If the Bank requires a lien to be discharged as a condition of our commitment to grant the loan, you will need to obtain the discharge and pay a recording fee at closing, generally between $76 and $78 per item, to the Registry of Deeds to have the discharge recorded. If the Home Equity Line of Credit is closed and discharged within the first three years, you will be charged an early termination fee between $300 and $725. Rates may increase after consummation on the variable rate products.

Ask a Question About Home Equity Line of Credit

A Mutual Bank loan specialist can answer your questions and advise you about your options. When you submit a question in the form below, a loan specialist will respond by phone or email within one business day, or sooner.

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